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Building resilience through intelligence

Management consulting for corporate security and risk intelligence teams

What we offer

We enable security leaders to deliver value across the enterprise, from project teams to the board room, by optimising and transforming their exploitation of risk data, analytics and intelligence.

World-class corporate security and crisis management today is not only intelligence-led and data-driven, but it also transcends traditional protective services. It builds resilience and serves as an enabling function within the enterprise, supporting and advising other business risk owners. It augments the monitoring,  forecasting, assessment and management of complex interrelated risks across different business functions. And it gives executive decision-makers the confidence and assurance to take managed risks and further growth strategies.

Our consulting teams work closely with our clients to transform the corporate security function into global risk management centres of excellence within the enterprise. Our approach allows the Chief Security Officer to lead the integrated convergence of physical and personnel security risk management and crisis management, with reputational risk management, information security, political risks, safety and good governance.

How it works

From goal setting to execution, we understand what our clients are trying to achieve and we help them get there. We do this by collecting and exploiting data and intelligence and then developing solutions that yield efficient, measurable, cost-effective risk management outcomes.

Typical transformation projects include:

  • Modelling exposure to global enterprise risk
  • Reviewing and assessing risk intelligence and mitigation measures worldwide
  • Creating global risk rating dashboards and early warning systems for stakeholders
  • Integrating intelligence into the decision-making processes
  • Collecting and analysing business intelligence data for security performance and risk metrics
  • Benchmarking intelligence to support decisions and planning
Why partner with us

Clients who partner with Dragonfly benefit from our demonstrated experience, unique methodologies, and cost-effective solutions.

  • Expertise: Our team brings a wealth of experience, with a track record of successfully delivering major enterprise-wide risk reviews.
  • Methodologies: Gain a competitive edge with our unique and cutting-edge methodologies, enabling you to make measured and well-informed business decisions.
  • Capabilities: Our solutions are designed to deliver exceptional results swiftly, empowering your business with actionable insights.
  • Solutions: We have strategic partnerships with the right stakeholders to ensure optimal outcomes for every project.
  • Value: Our approach is geared towards driving cost and performance efficiencies, minimising wastage and maximising value.

Key features:

  • Enterprise risk modelling and mapping
  • Geospatial and analytical technology integration
  • Live and custom risk management dashboard creation
  • Early warning system development and crisis plan integration
  • An audit and re-evaluation of the company’s policies and procedures
  • Stakeholder polling, interviews and engagement
Case study: Modelling security risk

A global chemicals company commissioned our team to conduct a comprehensive political and security risk assessment, covering 150 sites in 50 countries. This was done to inform the company’s strategy as it prepared to approach the political risk insurance market. Our team built and populated a bespoke quantitative risk exposure model to better quantify its insurance requirements and identify priority sites to transfer or mitigate risk.

Having identified terrorism as a principal risk, the client instructed us to create a scenario-based assessment model of terrorism risk to the firm’s production and corporate sites, as well as its logistics network. Using this model, our consultants audited security controls and processes, identified gaps in the security provision and delivered recommendations for global and local security standards. These were subsequently applied across the company’s portfolio to achieve global ensure consistency in risk management and mitigation strategies and processes.

Case study: Responding to Covid-19

In the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, an organisation in the financial sector asked us to rapidly develop a bespoke methodology and dashboard to enable unbiased senior leadership decision-making about when and whether the company would be able to reopen corporate locations globally.

Working with specialist technical partners, we were able to quickly build a framework with a custom-delivery platform, covering more than 80 locations in over 30 countries and territories based on weighted standardised metrics, including Covid-19 case data, government restrictions and other inputs. As a result, our client was able to make decisions around its response to the pandemic, the health and safety of staff and the prioritisation of resources on the basis of an unbiased and consistent model.

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