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Our guest on the second episode of Back to Source is Peter Gordon-Finlayson, Global Intelligence Manager at Diageo, the multinational beverage company.

While Peter’s intelligence function has just one other member, an analyst, they successfully serve a huge organisation, which operates in around 180 markets with a team of 30,000 people.

In this episode, Peter discusses how to deliver exceptional value to your business with a small intelligence team. He reveals the processes he has in place to understand the needs of the business, how he prioritises what to monitor and how he delivers efficiencies.

Plus, discover:

  • Steps he’s taken to expand his internal customer base
  • How the business’s risk appetite has changed since the ‘permacrisis’
  • How his security intelligence function has changed post-Covid
  • The biggest blind spot he sees in the intelligence industry, looking ahead
  • The new AI threats and opportunities with which he’s grappling
  • How he creates small efficiencies with a large impact on the business

And more.