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Security Risk

Intelligence-led security support

We help security decision-makers evaluate and respond to the risks and threats to their business

What we offer

Dragonfly’s advisory team provides customised security intelligence and analysis to help decision-makers manage business risk.

We help our clients implement intelligence-based assessments to protect their staff, assets and investments against a wide range of highly sophisticated adversaries. Working together, we are able to gather intelligence at pace during incidents or crises and build risk models over time that identify areas of vulnerability. Our work helps security leaders to determine how to deploy sometimes limited security resources to the best effect.

We believe that high-quality, forward-looking all-source intelligence is essential to effective risk management decision-making, planning and crisis response.  Dragonfly’s analysts are subject specialists able to draw upon their local knowledge, language skills and in-country experience. Our intelligence reporting leverages an international network of human sources, ready to be engaged as an extension of our clients’ network.

We have two decades’ worth of experience in partnering with clients’ corporate security and crisis management teams, across a wide range of sectors globally, including banking and financial services, oil and gas, extractives and manufacturing, as well as investment and insurance companies.

Why partner with us

Clients who partner with Dragonfly benefit from our unrivalled expertise, client-centric solutions and value-driven results.

  • Expertise: Count on us to safeguard your business from today’s most hostile and sophisticated adversaries. We have an established track record of assisting some of the world’s largest organisations and corporations, empowering them to identify and manage threats to their business.
  • Client-Centric Solutions: Listening to our clients’ needs is at the heart of our approach. We tailor solutions to focus precisely on desired outcomes and address the prevailing threat with proportionate measures.
  • Value-Driven Results: Our expertise ensures that security initiatives and projects consistently deliver value, aligning closely with their objectives and budgets.

Key features:

  • Threat assessments
  • Risk analysis and modelling
  • Forecasting and planning
  • Expert testimony and advice
Case study: Forecasting conflict risk in the Gulf

A major oil company, which was planning to relocate its corporate headquarters in the MENA region. commissioned us to identify geopolitical risks to the business and assess different locations in the Gulf region over a five-year outlook.

Prepared for board-level decision-makers to inform long-term, high-consequence decisions, we delivered an intelligence assessment that gave high-level, evidence and intelligence-based judgments, trend projections, scenarios analysis and forecasts on future risks to the client. This included judgments on the Iranian nuclear programme and the policy and strategic intentions of regional players that proved accurate over the required time frame.

Case study: Low-profile approach for high-profile operator

A major player in the renewable energy sector appointed our team as their global intelligence and security management adviser. We were tasked with helping them to work safely in high-risk environments in North and West Africa and South Asia, as they established their on-the-ground operations.

We took complete responsibility for the security lifecycle, conducting a series of detailed threat assessments, site surveys, security risk assessments and local partner screening, which allowed us to implement an intelligence-led security programme. Our security management team developed strong partnerships with local security companies, authorities, police, military and logistic companies, delivering the low-profile security stance that was preferred by our client.

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