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A definitive global terrorism database

The essential resource for tracking and analysing terrorism worldwide

What is TerrorismTracker

TerrorismTracker is a comprehensive database that records every terrorist incident and plot reported in open sources since January 2007. These are all researched by specialists and subject to robust quality control to avoid the errors and inaccuracies inherent in automated data scraping.

Updated daily, incidents and plots are geolocated, summarised and indexed by 17 different categories to provide topic data and structured analysis.

Current and comprehensive

TerrorismTracker is updated seven days a week by research analysts using a variety of tools and a highly defined methodology. Our emphasis on authentic, grounded intelligence means our international network of human sources becomes an extension of our clients’ decision-making capabilities.

Clean and structured

All listed events comply with a specific definition of terrorism, which broadly aligns with what is used in the insurance industry and other major jurisdictions. By fusing operational ground-level reporting with strategic-level assessments, we ensure that our clients are fully briefed on events as they unfold.

Quality assured

All incidents and plots are researched by specialists and subject to robust quality control, avoiding the errors and inaccuracies inherent in automated data scraping. With quick and direct access to our analysts, we enhance our clients’ capabilities and encourage users to play an active role in our intelligence cycle.

Key Features of TerrorismTracker
TerrorismTracker API

TerrorismTracker data is available through an API, enabling users to build custom feeds into their preferred tools and interfaces. Designed for use in GSOCs, geospatial and analytic tools, the API delivers current and comprehensive data on terrorist activity.

The TerrorismTracker portal provides in-platform access to the database with mapping and analytics and includes open-source analysis and news on terrorist activity and risks, group profiles and insights into terrorist chatter and propaganda.

Visualisations created by Dragonfly are for illustrative purposes only. The use of data will vary by user platform.

Alongside our partners at Aon, we took the decision to invest in a comprehensive terrorism database over a decade ago. The quality and longevity of the dataset makes it a vital tool for our security analysts and clients, whether they are conducting detailed incident analysis or big data driven studies.

- David Claridge, Senior Advisor
Access for academia

Trusted by universities and academia globally, TerrorismTracker is an indispensable resource for monitoring, analysing and assessing terrorist activities and associated threats and risks.

We’ve partnered with Esri to integrate our global terrorism incident data into an engaging geospatial interface. Together, our tools provide academic institutions and professionals with a comprehensive range of historical and current data, along with impactful data visualisations, for in-depth analysis.



Our database records and plots every terrorist incident reported in open sources since 1 January 2007.


Each entry is geolocated and indexed by 17 different categories, providing extensive options for data retrieval and analysis.


Every incident undergoes rigorous scrutiny by senior specialists to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.


With 60,000+ entries, TerrorismTracker offers a wealth of historical and current data for your analysis needs.

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