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Embedded Intelligence

Dedicated capability for security organisations

Transform the quality and flow of actionable intelligence with our embedded specialists, empowering security decision-makers with high-quality assessments that are specific to their strategy.

What is Embedded Intelligence?

Where your organisation’s intelligence needs are specific, substantial and sustained, a dedicated professional platform is essential.

Dragonfly brings two decades of experience in helping corporate security teams to perform at their best by placing intelligence at the heart of their operations.

Security leaders rely upon analysts who can deliver business-ready, intelligence briefings that answer the ‘so what’ questions. Our embedded intelligence solutions offer all of Dragonfly’s quality and depth of coverage combined with resources that are dedicated to each client’s unique profile and requirements.

We have joined forces with fellow industry specialists, enteles Search, to ensure that we deliver trusted, verified and assured capability every time, at any scale and in almost any jurisdiction. Together, we have the expertise to adeptly identify and nurture talent while providing exceptional support, training, and mentorship for optimal outcomes.

Leveraging our well-established in-house capacity and extensive networks, we swiftly address capacity shortfalls and effectively minimise downtime.

Where we fit

Our professionals are able to address gaps throughout the intelligence process, from production and assessment to intelligence-led planning and advisory services.

Working in-house or remotely, our intelligence units include roles such as:

  • Intelligence managers and analysts
  • Senior intelligence advisors
  • GSOC/command centre managers and analysts
  • Travel risk management professionals
  • Hybrid security and intelligence specialists
  • Crisis and emergency management advisors.
What is Embedded Intelligence?

Clients who partner with Dragonfly benefit from our dedicated intelligence, bespoke approach and global connections.

  • Dedicated Intelligence: Tailored intelligence units dedicated to supporting security decision-making.
  • strong>Bespoke Approach: Our solutions are customised to meet the unique needs of each client.
  • Expertise: As a prominent intelligence company, we attract top talent, ensuring exceptional service delivery.
  • Global Recruitment Connections: Through enteles Search, we are able to embed our capability in various locations worldwide.
  • Comprehensive Support: Our solutions offer full support to embedded teams, encompassing training, mentoring, and management, ensuring their success and professional development.

Key features:

  • Access to market-leading expertise, capabilities and resources
  • Ongoing training, mentoring and guidance
  • Flexibility to meet budgets and objectives
  • Scalability and agility to ensure growth and global reach
  • Industry benchmarking to achieve best value and practice
Case study: Embedded crisis manager

An expanding tech client in Amsterdam urgently required a crisis management and intelligence professional to help them deal with sharply increasing risks to their operations, reputation and people.

Dragonfly rapidly selected, vetted and embedded an experienced consultant within their global security team just as the Covid-19 pandemic struck. By leveraging Dragonfly Intelligence resources and data, our embedded analyst was able to help keep the client on track with their goals and manage the increased demand for support from the business.

Case study: Embedded security manager

Unprecedented demand combined with global restrictions on movement presented a unique set of challenges for a global online content provider. Minimising disruption from team absences was business-critical so Dragonfly was tasked to recruit and select an embedded regional security manager within the security team.

Drawing on over four years of professional crisis and risk management experience, our embedded consultant helped establish a consistent and scalable crisis management system that has been tested and rolled out effectively on multiple physical sites often in new territories ensuring our clients continued growth and development through the uncertainty of 2020.

We have found Dragonfly’s analytic cadre to be incisive, accessible, and highly responsive, and their analysis high-calibre and actionable.

- Senior Manager, Risk Intelligence, global charitable organisation

Dragonfly can offer both global reach and a bespoke, personalised touch, providing succinct, timely insight in a world where the security threat landscape is constantly changing and dynamic.

- International Intelligence Manager, global financial institution
If you are considering an embedded solution, we can help