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How do corporate security leaders build successful careers? How do they develop their functions, engage with key stakeholders and what challenges do they face?

Our first episode features Nikki Rutman, Director of Global Intelligence in a multinational pharmaceutical company. She reveals how she built her intelligence function from scratch, including how she learned about the business, how she conveys the value of intelligence to corporate stakeholders and her biggest challenges as she navigated this new challenge.

Nikki took on her current role following 19 years as an intelligence analyst in the US Intelligence Community, much of it at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In this episode, she also explores the differences between the intelligence functions in the private and public sectors, and what each of the intelligence communities can learn from each other.

Plus, discover:

  • Nikki’s biggest surprise when moving into the private sector after 19 years in government agencies
  • Where she focused for her first six months in the job
  • How to convey threat intelligence to internal clients without scaring them
  • The moment she realised she was providing value to the business
  • Her biggest career regret
  • The unexpected isolation when leaving government agency work
  • The big change in global geopolitics that businesses are unprepared for

And more.