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The theme of Strategic Outlook 2019 is ‘Towards a Zero-Sum World’. Across nearly every region, we forecast that authoritarian, right-wing and nationalist governments and movements will grow in strength and influence.

What’s inside?

  • Over 260 forecasts on issues relevant to security, crisis and geopolitical risk:
    • Extreme right-wing movements to grow in strength and influence
    • Challenges from environmental and climate change to state agencies
    • Governments weighing up alliances in the Middle East, Asia and Africa
    • Confidence further eroding in US’ commitment to treaties and allies.
  • Early warning indicators for ongoing monitoring through 2019
  • Outliers to challenge assumptions and encourage anticipation of higher-impact surprise events.
  • Thematic analysis to help readers interpret and predict intentions, actions and outcomes across the regions

To read our political and security forecast, click on the link below: