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This special briefing brings together – for the first time – leading experts from the sister companies in the FiscalNote Geopolitical and Market Intelligence division: Dragonfly, Oxford Analytica and FrontierView.

The Wagner rebellion on 23 June posed the most direct challenge to President Vladimir Putin’s authority in nearly 24 years in power. The mutiny ended almost as quickly as it began with the Wagner leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, taking exile in Belarus.

The immediate crisis may have passed but it exposed deep dysfunction within Russia’s elites and its armed forces. This raises important questions of how stable and secure Putin’s position is, what the implications are for the war in Ukraine, political stability in Belarus, and Wagner’s overseas activity most notably in Africa. Russia’s politics also has a direct bearing on the security and economic situation in all of Europe.

In this special panel discussion, our combined teams bring their perspectives on the political, economic, military, and business implications of what’s next in Russia to help companies plan.

Image (thumbnail): Burnt-out oil reservoirs are seen on the grounds of a fuel depot that was bombed during the Wagner mercenaries’ rebellion in Voronezh on 27 June 2023. Photo by Stringer/AFP via Getty Images.