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After several years dealing with global crises as Head of Global Intelligence at a Fortune 500 company, “I was burnt out,” says Ryan Long.

In the third episode of Back to Source, he discusses the unique pressures on corporate intelligence teams, and how intelligence professionals can build mental and emotional resilience.

Ryan, who previously served a two-year term as the President of the Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals (AIRIP), is currently the founder and CEO of Intelab Ventures, an incubator helping to build the future of global risk and resilience management.

Plus, discover:

  • The upside of working through the ‘permacrisis’
  • Why you must prioritise understanding your business over understanding external threats
  • How to build valuable relationships within your business with key stakeholders
  • How consumer demand has changed as a result of ongoing global crises
  • The impact of his background in the U.S. military on his intelligence career
  • The art of intelligence vs the science of intelligence
  • Why he started his own podcast, The Business of Intelligence, on the intelligence sector

And more.